Involuntary Mentors

Fancy way of saying "public figures I learned an immesurable amount from".

They are masters of all kinds of disciplines and would certainly enjoy thorough debate when put in the same room. This diversity in thought has helped me navigate today's polarizing world.

Charles Hoskinson

Charles is the founder of Cardano and CEO of IOG. He does frequent live streams sharing his thoughts and philosophy. His clear vision for the future and articulate communication is invigorating.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

I was lucky to discover Neil's podcast StarTalk Radio when I was young. I've loved astronomy for longer than I can remember and Neil's unshakeable dedication to science and education continue to foster wonder in me.

Balaji Srinivasan

Renaissance man, crypto sage, and all-around phenomenon of this day and age. That's Balaji. His shrewdness when it comes to predicting the weird turns and twists of the future have coined the dreadful phrase "Balaji was right".

Ray Dalio

Summarizing Ray in two words: radical open-mindedness. Having founded the largest hedge fund in history, Ray has been distilling his invaluable insights in "Principles": a collection of videos, articles and the eponymous best-selling book.

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